Clutching has always been the best bang for the buck. Even more so today with the sleds having injection systems that you can no longer modify. However, not all clutch kits are created equal.

Many variables come into play. No clutch calibration, stock or aftermarket for trail riding is always spot on. The snow conditions change 2-3 times a day, so unless you carry tools with you, and want to spend your time fiddling instead of riding, you put up with a general compromise.

We have found that different driving styles require different clutching demands. Someone who is hard cornering and on the gas compared to driving in deep, hard on the brakes then WOT coming out can have different clutching needs. Also, don’t forget, what is optimum in the long flat trails, is not the hot ticket when you get to up and down twisty trails. Everyone drives different and has different expectations. No kit can be perfect everywhere!

We design our kits to be quick, responsive and have excellent upshift and backshift. This is definitely the way I like clutch kits to be. Growing up in the twisty trails of New England and the Eastern Townships of Quebec may have something to do with that!

We also design our kits for easy installation and tuning. No set screws when riding, just click up or click down depending on conditions.

All in all, the important thing is to improve your stock kit and have something that is reliable and sold by someone knowledgeable. That’s why Laflamme Racing always gives you precise answers to all your questions.

Hope these tips will help you next time your looking to buy a clutch kit!