Laflamme Racing History

The career

The beginnings

Sylvain Laflamme’s racing career started in 1984 on the New England Oval circuit. Being by himself and with no knowledge of ice oval racing, there were many interesting lessons learned that winter.

Laflamme Racing History

Sylvain Laflamme By asking a lot of questions and being very determined, success soon came, culminating with making the final at Eagle River and winning the Grand Prix of Valcourt in the Pro sprint class in 1987.

He started grass dragging in 1991, again learning quickly and working hard to achieve success, with 2006 being our best year, winning the Sno Bash and beating the Hay Days winners.

We have always raced in the New England area as well as Canada and will continue to do so this coming season.

We look forward to seeing you at the races!